Apr 12

We maintain a small Elixir library called Morphix, described as "a small package of convenience methods for working with Maps, Tuples, and Lists". In the nature of libraries, it keeps growing, and as far as I can tell from the last several pull requests...


Feb 24


  1. Filter a lot of data into a little data with Ecto
  2. Move that data from one Postgres DB to another with Ecto
  3. Export the data with Postgres COPY command

Example Code

Introduction: A Few Good Names

This is series about about microservices...


Feb 18


  1. Download compressed .tsv files
  2. Import tsv files into postgres database
  3. Create phoenix.ecto project
  4. Connect project to tables from import step
  5. Code Here

Tech Stack

Postgres 10.x, Elixir 1.4+, Erlang 19+


This is a post...


Oct 9

So a few posts ago, we looked at how to abstract dependent modules in Elixir to make testing easier. That post and its follow up attempt to implement a pattern suggested by Jose Valim, which he called explicit contract. This pattern has the following...


Aug 10

I'm a fan of role-playing games. You know, games like Dungeons & Dragons, where you sit around a table with other people and create a story based on a set of rules and a basic plot, using dice to determine the outcome of various plot points.

I mean...


Aug 6

A lot of blog posts, videos, books, and tutorials about programming Elixir tend to focus on the big things: web apps, web apps with Plug, web apps with Phoenix, web apps that need to handle 80 million concurrent requests, web apps that need to be web...


Jul 2

Some time ago, a co-worker and I wrote the mogrify gem, which contained a few non-destructive tranformers for Enumerables in Ruby. So, for example, the symogriform method converts string keys to symbols in a Ruby has, including keys for nested hashes...


Jan 28

About two months ago, I got into a minor twitter war with a coding celebrity of some stature over the nature and neccessity of side projects. At issue was the question of whether developers should have some sort of "Side Projects" that they work on...


Nov 9

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how to move a mock module out of your production code and into your test folder. Today we'll follow up with a short post on getting fake responses from your mock module. For this example I'm going to use HTTP mocking...


Oct 23

Coming from Ruby into Elixir has its pitfalls. One thing that comes up a lot for TDD folks like myself is how to mock. I've found that this isn't as important in Elixir as it is in Ruby, but there are still a few cases, especially ones where there...